Iaso | About Me
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62% of Americans are stressed about money and financial stress has been linked to migraines, cardiovascular disease, work absences, insomnia, and more.


I am a financial professional and a graduate one of the first Financial Psychology Graduate Certificate programs in the country.  Using the latest research from the emerging field of Financial Psychology, traditional coaching techniques, my financial expertise and a big dose of humor and understanding, I work with my clients to reduce their shame, fear and guilt around their personal finances so that they can find their own unique path to financial peace and health.


Education can change what you know, and coaching assists you in consistently applying that knowledge.


My education includes a BBA from the Ross School of Business at University of Michigan and the Certified Financial Behavior Specialist™ designation from the Graduate School of Business at Creighton University as well as being a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ and a trained Collaborative Divorce Professional.


Through my company, Iaso Consulting, LLC , I offer individual, couple, and family financial coaching, speaking, workshops, and divorce financial services. I also offer workshops to financial planners and lawyers to help them work more effectively with their clients through understanding financial psychology, the stages of change and the basics of Motivational Interviewing.