Iaso | Individual, Couple and Family Financial Coaching
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Individual, Couple and Family Financial Coaching

Sometimes even the most disciplined spenders need help sorting out their finances. I’ve helped hundreds of families, couples, and individuals get back on track.

One of the biggest strains on a marriage are the family finances. Most people find it difficult to articulate their own individual beliefs about money, including identifying their top priorities and facing their greatest financial fears. And it can be even harder to understand those same beliefs, priorities, and fears in your partner. Which is why I believe it’s imperative for couples to have consistent, honest, and productive discussions about financial goals, dreams for the future, and anxieties.


Using a collaborative approach, we will work to unearth each of your individual money scripts and beliefs in an open, safe environment. Together we’ll learn how conflicting money scripts increase marital tension, how to honor both your own and your partner’s financial beliefs, hopes and fears, and work to create a healthier money history to pass on to your children. Parents will learn how to have open and age appropriate communication with their children about finances, foster good habits and teach financial literacy to younger children, and understanding the importance of setting appropriate boundaries with adult children.